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Welcome to Van Ooyen Whitetails. Since 1989 we have been a family owned and operated whitetail deer farm located in north central Wisconsin. Raising whitetails started out for us as a hobby on 1 1/2 acres. In 2001 we put up our first handling facility in order to comply with regulations. In 2002 we started our AI breeding program and now have 17 acres fenced with individual pens for breeding and animal separation by age. Due to our deer farm being separtated by a road, we needed to have two handling facilities. So in 2007 we built our newest facility which is used for bottle feeding, medical and health care, AI, LAP AI and easy live loading of animals for transport.

Feel free to contact us for information on our breeding program or to just talk about deer. Farm visits are always welcome.

Dan & Joni

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Dan & Joni Van Ooyen: 715-627-2130
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